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When living in a state that is ocean level and prone to an intensive rainy season, water damage is a very common problem for home and business property owners. It could come from nearly any crack or hole in a building, like a leak in the roof, faulty pipes or even something as simple and small as broken kitchen appliances. Feeling as if you’re on vacation everyday when living in a beautiful, coastal city like Delray Beach is one of the countless luxuries of beachside residency, but unfortunately there are some cons that cause a rude awakening when serious damage is done.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, a summer full of thunderstorms and even fires are some of the main causes of flood damage. Even if the water damage is seemingly small scale at first, it is a rapid chain reaction and will immediately escalate into a bigger problem if it is not taken care of as soon as it is spotted. With our water removal expertise in hand, we will arrive at your doorstep as soon as we receive your call for help to put a fast end in the problem before any further damage development can take place.

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When trudging through water in your beloved home, seeing your prized possessions and furniture underwater, it may feel like nothing can be done to salvage your carpets, walls and belongings. With Around the Clock at your service, helpless is the last thing you are. We take on water removal with force and combine a variety of services and strategies to restore your home and your life back to normalcy. Beginning with water extraction and pump outs, our team removes the water and flooding with state of the art technology before performing a complete structural drying on your home or business. Dehumidification is executed in order to put an abrupt stop in the progression of damage, since mold and mildew can sprout and stick around after improperly cared for water damage, potentially causing health issues. Mold and sewage remediation serves to properly restore hygiene and health safety to the area, as well as content cleaning, and restores your home and building back to perfection and proper function.

Around the Clock comes fully equipped and prepared when we arrive at the scene, with a multitude of gear such as dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers and drying systems that effectively and properly dry out your property. Our team takes all necessary measures and more to properly tend to every step of the water removal process.

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We understand that facing water damage can be a stressful event for families with having to temporarily relocate, and for business owners to be forced to put a pause on production and selling. That’s why we go the extra mile to efficiently carry out water removal services for your convenience. We will work quickly and directly with you or your insurance company, as we accept all insurance providers.

Choose Around the Clock for your water damage restoration company to get your home or business back up and running without lifting a finger.

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