Different Causes of Water Damage

flooded garage

Every household should be ready to face flood damage control. This can also be referred to as water damage restoration. Whenever your house is flooded due to heavy rainfall or storm, it is inevitable that there are damages done, but the question lies how far the damage has already been made to your house. But before you hire a restoration professional, you should prepare your house against future damages in order to reduce the costs of repairs. There are many cases all over the world associated with water damage. The problem is that most of the households are not prepared for it. You do not want to wait for a time when your house is flooded with water and slowly rises into your house.

Yet this is not how water damage always looks all the time. More often, the causes of flood damage are the root of it all – you will notice that it takes form first in small scale until it gradually deteriorates by some standing water or leaks. Just small quantities of these are enough to make your house susceptible to damage. If they are not addressed right away, it will cause more damage not only with your house but also with sanitization issues, energy efficiency and the development of mould.

Flat Roofs

One of the causes is flat roofs. Having flat roofs at first glance may seem harmless at first and even good for some reason, but when the situation is not in your favour, it will create a number of problems that can get extremely troublesome. Flat roofs are not totally flat – they come with a slight gradient. It has got a slight convex to it. But because of this slight elevation, it causes the water to run off straight into the gutters. Take for example with debris, branches and leaves that build up on the roof. These build up is already enough to create weight which can collapse the roof slightly inward. The water will then pool on that bent area instead of running towards the gutter.

Gutter System

The gutter system is another cause of water damage. Usually, the gutter system deals with directing the water away from the roof and the structure itself as it usually runs off the edges of the house. This worked fine up until the time when the gutter system gets blocked with branches and leaves. The water will start to overflow out of the edges and will run to the side and into the house instead. Such damages show signs through the paint of your walls – you see traces of dirty water making a map out on the walls of your house.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are the last of the common reasons for water damage. This usually happens amongst households that have not checked the pipes long enough. The water leaking out of the floor boards is something you will not anticipate, not to mention the development of mould on the walls, ceilings and other areas of the house. How do you identify that your pipes are leaking? Check out the taps – if the water pressure is low or water is discolored, this usually points to a leak.

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